Contact Directory

Chief & Council 2011-2013

Jim Bob Marsden, Chief, Tel: 905-352-3000, email

 Jody Holmes, Councillor, Tel: 905-352-2011, email 

Julie Bothwell, Councillor, Tel: 905-352-2011, email 

Angela Smoke, Councillor, Tel:905-352-2011, email

Dave Mowat, Councillor, Tel: 905-352-2011, email

Administration Office
P.O. Box 46
11696 2nd Line Rd
Alderville, ON K0K 2X0
905-352-3242 (General Fax)

Administration Office

Staff Position Phone Email

Arthur,  Melanie Economic Dev. Clerical Support 905-352-3044 email
Beaver,  Philip Lands Housing Estate Manager 905-352-2011 email
Bennett,  Brenda Financial 905-352-2011 email
Blaker, Karen Financial Officer 905-352-2011 email
Cole, Tina Alderville Community Trust Secretary 905-352-3247 email
Gillies, Angela Band Administrator 905-352-2929 email
Jenkins, Yvonne Financial Assistant 905-352-2011 email
Marsden, Nancy Education Manager 905-352-2302 email
Shaw, Stephanie Housing and Capital Assets Officer 905-352-2011 email
Simpson, Dave Land Code Coordinator 905-352-2662 email
Simpson, Reese Economic Development Officer 905-352-3044 email
Warren, Melanie Administrative Assistant 905-352-2011 email

Alderville Community Centre

Staff Position Phone Email

Pederson, Cheryl Community Centre Manager 905-352-2284 email
Williams,  Barb Community Centre Assistant 305-352-1064

Alderville Learning Centre

905-352-1080 (General Fax)

Staff Position Phone Email

Gray, Keri Coordinator 905-352-2793 email
VACANT Career Focused Assistant 905-352-2793
Macleod-Beaver, Mary Librarian 905-352-2793 email

Alderville Daycare

Staff Position Phone Email

Jan Mowat Supervisor 905-352-1065 email

Health and Social Services

Staff Position Phone Email

Gorveatt, Jackie Health Director 905-352-2035 ext.203 email
Kelly, Dawn-Marie Prevention & Support Services Worker 905-352-2140 ext.200 email
Crowe, Jade Receptionist 905-352-2140 email
Macklin-Charles, Linda Home & Community Care 905-352-2140 email
Marsden, Cindy Social Services 905-352-2112 ext.207 email
Mattson, John Alcohol/Drug Prevention 905-352-3767 ext.209 email
McDonald, Lisa Child Care Prevention 905-352-3765 ext.208 email
McKeown, Melissa Community Health Rep 905-352-3766 ext.201 email
Simpson, Marcie HBHC & Early Childhood Development Facilitator 905-352-2140 ext.204 email
VACANT Medical Transportation 905-352-3767 email
Stevenson, Pam Community Health Nurse 905-352-9931 ext.202 email

Alderville Student Services

Staff Position Phone Email

Boudreau, Naomi Educational Assistan 905-352-2161
Davis, Catherine Special Needs Ed. Couns. 905-352-3583 email